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Spanish Language Students

Colombia and, in particular, the capital Bogota are great places to learn or improve your Spanish as there are plenty of schools and universities with a variety of courses available.

Why is Bogota a good city to learn Spanish in?

- With over 30 universities you will be able to find a course that suits you
- Colombian Spanish is very clear and smooth making it easier for non-native speakers to learn
- Many Colombians do not speak English so there are plenty of opportunities to practice
- Bogota is not swarming with foreign tourists so you avoid speaking your native language

AptsColombia helps foreign language learners find furnished accommodation near the main language centres in Bogota. Whether your course is for days, weeks or months AptsColombia can help you find a clean and safe apartment where you can concentrate on your studies.

Our furnished apartments come with high speed internet connections, in addition many have special study areas with desks. The apartments are located in residential zones, allowing you to concentrate on your studies, but when you need to let off steam and relax the main going out places are never far away.

Please note that AptsColombia does NOT provide long term student or shared student accommodation.


Spanish Language Schools in Bogota

Spanish World Institute






Language Centre Name



Spanish World Institute

57 310 241 2428

57 (1) 248 3399

Language Immersion Vacations

Languages in Action

Yo Hablo

LSI Colombia



El Paraiso Spanish School


International House

Universidad Javeriana

Nueva Lengua

57 315 855 9551

Pepe Colombia

57 (1) 288 4007

Universidad de Los Andes

57 (1) 339 4949

Universidad Nacional

57 (1) 316 5050

Inter Lingua

57 (1) 530 1047

High Technology In Learning

57 (1) 620 5052


57 (1) 211 5511


57 (1) 218 1679


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